<p id="6f54" class="graf graf–p NFL Jerseys China graf-after–figure”>This weekend, some of the world’s best and youngest entrepreneurs will gather in Boston for Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit. Top speakers at the event include Jessica Alba, Master Chef Bobby Flay, Blackstone’s Jonathan Gray, Sir Richard Branson, cheap jordans for sale Ashton Kutcher and Mayor Martin J. Walsh of Boston.

Also taking place during the conference will be Blackstone’s Launchpad pitch event cheap football jerseys china in a partnership between Forbes and Blackstone Charitable Foundation.

According to their website, “Blackstone LaunchPad is a campus based entrepreneurship program, accessible by over 630K students globally, designed to support and mentor students, staff and alumni — regardless of major, experience or discipline.”

That experience culminates annually in the pitch event at Forbes 30 Under 30. Two participants from each of Blackstone’s campus programs receive all expenses paid tickets and travel to the exclusive event in order to pitch their products to some of the greatest entrepreneurs and largest investors in the world. Our CEO, Alex, is one such lucky winner.

According to Alex, Blackstone Launchpad and the network he met because of it, are huge forces behind HERO’s success already. Through Blackstone nba jerseys sales Launchpad’s program at Montana State University, where Alex went to school, Alex met mentor Les Craig and many other key influencers on his business’s direction.

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“One of the reasons I went to MSU was its focus on entrepreneurship,” said Alex in an interview with MSU earlier this year. “During my time at MSU…I realized that as an entrepreneur you can institutionalize your social purpose into the core of your business, so that as the company grows and scales, so can the impact of the social missions.”

Alex will be given two minutes and no AV to pitch the story of HERO and the value of our product. While only five other Blackstone students will be allowed to pitch live alongside Alex in hopes of winning the $15k first prize, 20 BLP companies will be recognized at the event.

20 Blackstone Launchpad Companies cheap jerseys and Students or Alum Recognized at Forbes 30 Under 30:

  1. Advanced Modular Instruments (AMI) | Tony Hoang, University of Albany, 2017
    “Patent pending applications to reduce the clinical laboratory discovery by a factor of 10.”
  2. Arborizer | Egleide Elenes, University of Texas at Austin, 2017
    “A multi-port, arborizing catheter to treat malignant brain tumors.”
  3. Better Examinations<strong class="markup–strong Ray Ban Sunglasses markup–li-strong”> | Daniel Hobbs, Trinity College Dublin, 2017
    “The quickest and easiest way to access past exam material.”
  4. Bloom Content | Zachary Falen, University of Montana, 2017
    “A web application connecting undergraduate students with paid portfolio projects in their field of study.”
  5. Centech | Omar Kunbargi, University of California at Los Angeles, 2016
    “Proprietary petroleum centrifuge tubes making measuring dirt and crude oil safer, easier and more cost effective.”
  6. Drops | David Maliglowka, University of Southern California , 2018
    “A smart chatbox allowing users to roundup their credit & debit purchases to wholesale nfl jerseys donate to charities.”
  7. Essentium Materials & Tri-Fusion | Blake Teipel, Texas A&M University, 2016
    “A producer of next-generation 3D printer filament and polymer welding technology using nanomaterials and advanced manufacturing.”
  8. <a class="markup–anchor markup–li-anchor" style="color: #7cda24;" href="http://www.freefeetmedical.com/" cheap nba jerseys rel=”nofollow” data-href=”http://www.freefeetmedical.com/”>Free Feet Medical | Edel Browne, National University of cheap jerseys wholesale Ireland, Galway (NUIG), 2018
    “A medical device to treat gait freezing associated with Parkinson’s Disease.”
  9. HERO App | Alex Crosby, University of Montana, 2013
    “A mobile solution to reduce drunk driving by providing bars and restaurants with incentives to get customers home safely.”
  10. Kwest | Omeed Shams, University of Texas at Dallas, 2017
    “An application for interactive real-world adventures.”
  11. Martin’s Safety Equipment<strong ray ban outlet class=”markup–strong markup–li-strong”> | Marie Martin, University College of Cork, 2018
    “An agricultural manufacturing company producing innovative health and safety products.”
  12. <a 10 class=”markup–anchor markup–li-anchor” style=”color: #7cda24″ href=”https://memoryfoxdotnet.wordpress.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Memory Fox | Lindsay Macalusco, University of Buffalo, 2017
    A cloud-based platform for capturing, securing and sharing family oral history.”
  13. Olive Devices | Renee Kakereka, Philadelphia University, 2016
    “Wearable assistive technology corresponding speech to text Cheap Oakleys for deaf and hearing impaired.”
  14. PowerSpike | Angelo Damiano, Syracuse University, 2018
    “Multi-channel network for Twitch enabling broadcasters and brands to collaborate for branded content cheap nfl cheap jordans online jerseys and in-stream advisements.”
  15. Pristine Impressions | Demetrious Dixon, Wayne State University, 2018
    “Interior and exterior cleaning service.”
  16. Rope Lace Supply | Eric Delgado, University of Central Florida, 2016
    “Unique cheap ray ban sungalsses and high-quality shoelaces.”
  17. Royal | Conner Masterson, University of Miami, 2017
    “Enabling technology for referral marketing to work for offline purchases.”
  18. <li id="10a6" class="graf Luciano graf–li graf-after–li”>Theatre Galleria | Bryna O’Neill, New York University, 2010
    “The first online theater production marketplace for props, sets and costumes.”

  19. Vergo Aero | Tony Smaritano, Temple University, 2012
    “The world’s first drone entertainment platform.”
  20. <li id="cc99" cheap jordan shoes class=”graf graf–li graf-after–li”>X-Board | Jeffrey Ly, Cornell University, 2016
    “The world’s first trickable electric skateboard.”

The pitch event starts at 1:30 p.m. EST and will be held at the Hard Rock Café, 22–24 Clinton Street, Boston, MA 02109. To get free tickets to the event, register via Eventbrite here.

To stay up to date on all things going on at the event follow @BlackstoneEI, @ForbesUnder30, and #Under30Summit on twitter Sunday, October 16, 2016!