It’s been almost six months since Uber and Lyft left Austin and the sky has yet to fall. Recently, Uber spoke about rejoining the Austin ridesharing market and has even hired a new y team to manage community relations with the municipality, while Lyft has stated on its webpage that they are working to move back in as well.

Clearly, both still have some sorting out to before the ridesharing giants come back to town, but that doesn’t mean Austinites are left without ride sources beyond traditional yellow cabs and public transportation. There are several ridesharing and car service options now available in town that have come to fill the void. But what sets them apart? How do you chose which service to use when?

When HERO launches, you’ll be able to more easily make that decision as we aggregate and compare estimate wait times and fares. Until then, here’s a quick breakdown of companies you can hail rides or drivers from and how they differentiate themselves.

  1. FARE: Choose who you ride with
    Fare focuses on the rider, giving them options to choose their drivers, schedule rides in advance and offers rewards every time users refer a new rider. Fare also prides itself on being a “fair” option for drives as well, claiming that drivers receive 80% of every fare.
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  2. Fasten: Rides that are more affordable for wholesale jerseys riders and more profitable for drivers
    Fasten also focuses on cost association for riders and drivers. To quell the safety issues Uber and Lyft left with the city of Austin, Fasten has very detailed safety regulations for both driver and rider’s sakes.
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  3. Ride Austin: A nonprofit TNC built for Austin
    We are particular fans of this local, nonprofit ride-hailing service. Ride Austin gives riders the option of rounding off their fare and donating the remainder to a nonprofit of cheap oakleys their choice. Note, they are currently running a campaign to donate relief funds to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.
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  4. zTrip: Cheap Jerseys Get’s you a black car or taxi
    In many cities across the US, zTrip has its own fleet of cars and certified drivers that can be booked through its mobile app. In Austin, zTrip has partnered up with Yellow Cab so that users can book trips with the traditional taxi service through their mobile app. The app allows users to select what class of vehicle they desire, when they Oakleys sunglasses Outlet need the trip and whether or not they want to tip. It also allows for mobile payment of cab fares versus paying in the car.
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  5. InstaRyde: Your ryde for every occasion
    InstaRyde looked at traditional ridesharing use data and saw a problem: Most rideshares oakley sunglasses for men are being used by one passenger at a time and waste expensive, non-renewable resources, resulting in higher costs for both drivers and passengers. To solve this problem they created InstaRyde, “an on-demand ride sharing app that puts a safe, reliable and affordable ryde at the tip of your fingers.”
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  6. Get Me: Your personal ride and delivery nfl jerseys china service
    Get Me is following in the steps of Uber by including delivery services in their offerings. Listing “fully vetted and insured drivers,” car size options and tracking abilities, Get Me is a great option for rides around town or as an alternative other delivery services such as Favor NFL Jerseys Cheap and Postmates.
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  7. Tride: Your Best Choice for a safe ride home!
    Tride is a newer ridesharing option currently only available in select southwestern cities, Austin, Texas, included. Their twitter profile touts them to be a no surge, honest rideshare option. They provide standard, luxury and “moving-class” vehicle options for Wholesale NFL Jerseys riders and those in need of truck for moving large items.
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  8. ScoopMe: Safe and efficient transportation for Austinites
    ScoopMe is Cheap Jordan Sale another new rideshare service in Austin that has come into fill the Uber/Lyft void this year. With standard functions such as fare estimation, driver tracking, scheduled bookings and review ability, it is a growing option for getting around the Austin area.
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  9. Wingz: Peer-to-Peer Private cheap jerseys wholesale Driving
    When you know you’re going to need a ride in advance, Wingz is a solid option for reliable, private service around Austin and to the airport. Their motto? “No Surge. No Stress.” Just be sure to schedule rides at least two hours in advance if you want to use this service.
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  10. <strong Hard class=”markup–strong markup–li-strong”>Blacklane: Your Professional Driver
    Looking for something a bit fancier to show up in? Blacklane is a global, on-demand professional driver service that allows you to schedule trips in luxury sedans and SUVs, in advance, with certified, Cart vetted drivers. Additionally, if you use the service for airport travel, up to 60 minutes of available wait time in included in your ride for convenience.
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For those counting along at home, that’s ten different rideshare options available to Austin, even with the departure of powerhouses Uber and Lyft — and that’s not including cheap nfl jerseys carshare programs or public transportation.

HERO plans to launch in Austin this holiday season and become your go-to resource for safe decision making after a night of fun. With literally dozens of options for getting home in Austin alone, HERO simplifies users’ selection by aggregating all possible ride options, listing estimate wait times and fares, as well as making available friends from your social network who are free to pick you up. Additionally, HERO makes being a designated driver easier than ever as well, rewarding drivers for helping their buddies out and riders for making a safe decision.


<p Fake Ray Bans id=”09dd” class=”graf graf–p graf-after–p graf–last”>Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on twitter for more updates on when and where HERO becomes available in your area.